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The Serious Side of Self Management

Want the must hire millennials make innovation a priority

Upon completing the herculean task of converting to VOIP phones in our office my wife selected Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t worry be happy” as the hold music.  I like the catchy tune but think there are too many managers taking the message literally.  A more proactive message might be “Don’t dally be different”.  Though engagement levels increased in 2014 still less than 1/3rd of employees are engaged in their jobsMore significantly the gap between retirement-approaching-traditi...

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The Power to We: Inverting Accountability

Inverted pyramid comparison

This is a MUST READ for anyone serious about giving  your front line team FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY.

Recognized as the 2008 the “Number One Best Employer in India” by Hewitt Associates and Business Week.  HCLT is propelled by a leadership style described by Fortune Magazine as “The World’s Most Modern Management” CEO Vineet Nayar has been singled out by the London Business School as “the leader of organizational Innovation”...

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The Power of Peer Pull

Force Field Anlaysis

The answer to doing more with less is not in doing the same things we have always done faster or cheaper but finding new ways. These solutions do not come from the top down or outside in but from the inside out. As I hope you can see in the briefest of examples I have included in the three previous sections there are tremendous pressures at play to maintain the systems we have in place...

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Green Meetings, Sustainable Associations

Red Shoes Green Solutions


Red Shoe Solutions LLC  has been responsible for planning and directing dozens of large successful events in seventeen U.S. states, Canada and Europe, serving members from over forty nations in total. We select our clients carefully to ensure the highest level of service and the best professional fit.  RSS depends on a Peer Powered Process transforming hierarchical systems of command and control to all-inclusive, non-coercive, totally-transparent, continuously-collaborative structures designed ...

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The Great Vet Project

Great Vet Project

What makes a great Veterinary Practice?  We spent much of the last year separating myth from mastery.  Mining data from over 8,500 emails, more than 150 teleconference hours, and a thorough examination of what Dan Ariely would describe as “Predictably Irrational” processes.  Our query was simple.

Why, in a profession committed to caring, does staff “distress” (or distrust) occupy four of the top six “most perplexing” problems for veterinary hospital managers[i]? (source VHMA)

Our ...

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