Peer Powered Nonprofits

Peer power nonprofits


Red Shoe Solutions LLC has been responsible for planning and directing dozens of large successful events in seventeen U.S. states, Canada and Europe, serving members from over forty nations in total. We select our clients carefully to ensure the highest level of service and the best professional fit.   Using our Peer Powered Process transforming hierarchical systems of command and control to all-inclusive, non-coercive, totally-transparent, continuously-collaborative structures designed to earn trust, inspire engagement and ensure accountability.  This member-centric design safeguards member investments by eliminating layers of “Aggregators”, exposing excess and discouraging duplicity.

Our experienced team provides complete administrative services, consulting and event management for nonprofits who take governance seriously. This is a critical time for nonprofits. Many are teetering on the abyss of irrelevance as social media and online educational opportunities continue to dominate our time and attention. Declines like the 38% drop in Utah’s nonprofits are more trend than exception. The limited time and expertise available from well-intentioned boards is no match for declining budgets and waning interest. The delineation between process and policy can be the difference between life and death for today’s associations. A single unprofessionally planned event or fiscal faux pas can mean not just the death of an institution but the institutionalization of those responsible for the mishap.

10 A+ AuditsOur professional services team has grown client memberships 250% in a single year while receiving “A” ratings in eight consecutive audits. Through relentless investments in training and technology, we provide the most cost-effective and sustainable member services available including: membership management, marketing, sponsorship solicitation, public relations, chapter communications and administration, board services, accounting and financial services, pre-audit readiness, publications production, and complete meeting and annual conference planning and on-site management services.


Red Shoe Solutions Benefits

√ The experience of proven successful event management to ensure that systems run smoothly

√ The experience in web and social marketing to enhance your communications efforts to your stakeholders, speakers, attendees and vendors

√ The experience in technology to enhance automation, improve communications, and provide more real-time reporting to committee members

√ Fifteen years of successful international conference planning and management experience to fulfill and support your meeting needs

√ The skill and experience level as an internationally-recognized conference team to present an astonishing event on budget

√ Understanding all of the requirements and having the capabilities to fulfill them

√ The passion for your mission, industry knowledge and experience to ensure the success of your Annual Conference

√ Online Pre- and Post-Conference Survey Tools to help with planning and evaluation of event

√ Excellent organizational skills, strong attention to detail

contact pair Button-f√ Experience negotiating with and completing vendor contract requirements

√ Proven ability to work effectively with diverse groups and communities

√ Excellent collaborative and problem solving skills

√ A team of personable, seasoned professionals

√ New ideas and a fresh enthusiasm

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