Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

With Red Shoe Solutions LLC, You Get The Best of All Worlds:

  • A thorough understanding of your Association’s goals and mission
  • Proven results in building consensus and creating collaborative teams
  • A consistent track record of high-level nonprofit management
  • Proven results in web and social media marketing
  • Continually evolving experience in the most current collaborative platforms
  • Real-time reporting to the board and committees
  • Seventeen years of successful conference and event planning and management
  • Internationally accomplished, personal and professional
  • An intimate understanding all of the requirements
  • A passion for peak performance
  • Online Survey Tools to help with association planning and evaluation
  • Excellent organizational skills, strong attention to detail
  • Experience negotiating with and completing vendor contract requirements
  • Proven ability to work effectively with diverse groups and communities
  • Excellent collaborative and problem solving skills
  • A team of personable, seasoned professionals
  • New ideas and a fresh enthusiasm

Administrative Office Management – Red Shoe Solutions LLC’s network operates using the most current Microsoft suite of software including Microsoft Office and Outlook.  Our network is fully secured and we maintain secure backups as well.  We have depth of experience in all aspects of association management including general office management, database management, and accounting systems and processes.

Resourcefulness – Our entire 17-year career history working with nonprofit associations has been the epitome of resourcefulness.

Over the years we have sought out unique partnerships, created distinctive revenue generating campaigns, and developed resources using our own skills and very often our own money to initially fund these projects.  We are not afraid to do the work to make something happen, and our entire team is excellent at continually trying to improve not only our work, but the associations we work with as well.

We have a proven, successful track record of effective association management.  We are experience project managers, highly motivated to lead our team toward the best results for you.

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