Association Management Capabilities Summary

Our list of capabilities available to you includes:

  • Budget development, and monitoring of expenses vs. budget
  • Financial management
  • Complete accounting and bookkeeping responsibilities and financial reporting
  • Regular distribution of financial statements to include budget versus actual income and expenses to date
  • Website development and maintenance
  • Development of all marketing material – email communications, social media management
  • Graphic design and development of all online and printed materials
  • Adherence to “green” distribution with all materials (as appropriate)
  • Database development and ongoing management
  • Membership systems development and management
  • Accounting management (online and merchant, bank services)
  • A central point for information for the board and members
  • Social Media and communication “app” management
  • Serving as professional spokesperson for the Association
  • Advance the profession through building internal and external engagement
  • Fundraising
  • Sponsorship solicitation and ongoing communication
  • Support all sponsor needs and benefits
  • Immediate response to member inquiries and requests
  • Daily coverage of phone and email communications
  • Leads and attendee database development and management
  • Board and committee resource development and communications
  • Develop organization strategies and help develop industry standards
  • And a complete cadre of meeting and conference planning, development and management responsibilities
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