Sample Transition Plan and Resource Inventory


  1. Current Board of Directors and Advisors Contact List in DB format
  2. Current Membership List in DB format
  3. Lapsed and Lost Member List, Leads list in DB format
  4. Copy of last Tax Return
  5. Copy of Director’s and Officer’s Liability Insurance Policy
  6. Articles of Incorporation
  7. Copy of current bylaws and all policy documents
  8. Current Nonprofit Corporate Filing Status (what state, etc.)
  9. IRS Nonprofit Tax Determination Letter
  10. Last Bank Statement and most recent bank reconciliation or financial statement
  11. Current FY Budget
  12. Copies of all member-related materials including invoices, newsletters, publications, etc. preferably in original format



  1. Current bank account(s) information, including corporation and branch information
  2. Current list of account signers, or contact information for banking institution
  3. Current credit card account information
  4. Current merchant services and payment gateway account information
  5. Account login information



  1. Administrative login for editing web account
  2. Detail for current website contract(s)
  3. Access to website hosting account
  4. Logins for all social media accounts



ADMINISTRATION – We would like to immediately assess the membership status including expiration dates etc.

In order to assess any potential lapses in Association Administrative Filings and Protection, we would like copies of the items listed above, along with contact information for any CPAs, Insurance agents, etc. that have been utilized in the past for assistance.  We also want to ensure that the Association’s Corporate Status is current in the state  the Association is incorporated in.

We will immediately set up dedicated telephone and fax numbers.

We will immediately set up a secure post office box for mail.

We will add the Association as an additional insured on all Red Shoe Solutions LLC business liability insurance coverage as OUR cost of doing business with you.

We will establish a secure online/mobile board communications area for sharing transition conversations, documents and progress.

FINANCIAL – We will request immediate online access to existing bank and merchant accounts.  We recommend using Wells Fargo for nonprofit banking and merchant services.  Their packages including merchant processing fees are more favorable to nonprofits than others, and the ability to share account information online with qualified board members is ideal.

We recommend utilizing online bill pay to facilitate payments by electronic check to vendors, including payments to Red Shoe Solutions LLC for monthly management fees as well as expense reimbursements.  This process takes care of the process for multiple approvals which will be done by email prior to all payments, all electronic check payments can be checked and verified by all authorized board representatives at any time, and verified as well via the Quickbooks Online account.

We recommend utilizing Quickbooks Online and would like to set that online software up immediately – we will need the Association’s Tax ID number right away in order to do so.

Quickbooks Online will allow us to 1) enter all bills pending payment to vendors and contractors, 2) request approval for payment from the Treasurer, President or other authorized board member, 3) show payment initiated to that open bill and then 4) facilitate payment using the Online banking system.  All steps are secure and transparent to the board (authorized users), all transactions will be done by our bonded staff but no payments will be processed without proper agreed approvals.

WEBSITE – If there is a need, we can immediately begin creating a website using a comprehensive, intuitive website subscription system and would recommend moving the old website over as soon as the board approves the new system.  (As required and desired)

We will need access to online website accounts, account information for banking and merchant/payment accounts, and the current member database, If we will be building a new website for the Association, we can set up the system to mirror the existing site, and we can do a temporary re-direct to the new system which may allow far greater functionality in terms of database processes, communications, etc.  We will send either directly or through the President a survey to current Board and Advisers, or just Executive Committee members, to get more information on what they like, don’t like with the existing site, as well as a wish list for new web services.

Once the board approves the new system, We can host the Association web URL, as well as all Association  email addresses using A2 Web Hosting (our current preferred service provider).  We can establish Association email addresses for board members, group listservs, and special committees as well as our staff.



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