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Eight Keys to Picking the Perfect Presenter

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise Humor is Irreplaceable and the more serious the subject the more important the introspection.   The purpose is not to elicit laughter  but to undermine fear and disengage egos.   Laughter gets us out of our heads an into our hearts and that is where our real power lies.  “We are not thinking beings that have feelings.  We are feeling beings that have thoughts.”  This is absolutely undeniably true yet when in our workplace do we allow, encourag...

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The Serious Side of Self Management

Want the must hire millennials make innovation a priority

Upon completing the herculean task of converting to VOIP phones in our office my wife selected Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t worry be happy” as the hold music.  I like the catchy tune but think there are too many managers taking the message literally.  A more proactive message might be “Don’t dally be different”.  Though engagement levels increased in 2014 still less than 1/3rd of employees are engaged in their jobsMore significantly the gap between retirement-approaching-traditi...

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Insights from Attraction


Ever wonder why we are often most drawn to do the things we want most to avoid?

We have all felt the power of being caught in the pull of our own pictures.  The little fellow above has been told if he can only resist eating the delicious marshmallow in front of him he will receive another when the researcher returns.  Oh the temptation!  How long is she going to be gone?  Did she forget about me?  What if I just had a little lick?

If you think this is fun and games then you haven’t been gr...

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