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Becoming more Power-Full by Choosing to be Power-Less

old conversations cement old habits

What better model for changes in your power structure than the engagement survey of one of the nation’s largest power producers. Though the BPA chose not to share the results of their survey research shared in an article by the Oregonian rated the BPA “worse than 78 percent of the organizations” who had conducted the Gallup 12 question Employee Engagement Survey in 2014. You may be doing all you can to “Go Green” in your environmental efforts but how about your in-vironmental initiatives...

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The Serious Side of Self Management

Want the must hire millennials make innovation a priority

Upon completing the herculean task of converting to VOIP phones in our office my wife selected Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t worry be happy” as the hold music.  I like the catchy tune but think there are too many managers taking the message literally.  A more proactive message might be “Don’t dally be different”.  Though engagement levels increased in 2014 still less than 1/3rd of employees are engaged in their jobsMore significantly the gap between retirement-approaching-traditi...

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Leading without Positional Power

The Starfish and the Spider+Employees First

Leaderless organizations are everywhere.  If you don’t find ways to include everyone on your team, you may soon be the one sitting on the bench.

After reading a bio of one of my business heroes, Vineet Nayar I decided to read his favorite book The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations by Ori Brafman and Rod A. Beckstrom.   Vineet was the CEO of HCL Technologies at the time and has been recognized as one of the top business thinkers in the world today...

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We should learn from our past but not carry our past.

start new

2015 has been a year of new beginnings a chance to leave behind missteps of the past and start fresh.  As we have come to know our new clients we realize that the greatest challenge, at least initially, would not be what lies ahead, but what is dragged behind. 

If you are in the position of replacing a departing team member your new addition will not only have to be equipped to do their job but they will also carry the weight of preconceptions left over from the person they are replacing...

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Generational Juxtaposition

Hierarchical House of cards

Millennials now make up one-quarter of the workforce, and that percentage will double by the end of this decade. Hierarchical designs created before color television make no sense to millennial employees suckled on cyberspace. The differences are not in desire to achieve but the differences we perceive.

A survey of 6,308 job seekers and HR professionals shows a startling disconnect in perceptions...

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