We should learn from our past but not carry our past.

start new

2015 has been a year of new beginnings a chance to leave behind missteps of the past and start fresh.  As we have come to know our new clients we realize that the greatest challenge, at least initially, would not be what lies ahead, but what is dragged behind. 

If you are in the position of replacing a departing team member your new addition will not only have to be equipped to do their job but they will also carry the weight of preconceptions left over from the person they are replacing...

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Generational Juxtaposition

Hierarchical House of cards

Millennials now make up one-quarter of the workforce, and that percentage will double by the end of this decade. Hierarchical designs created before color television make no sense to millennial employees suckled on cyberspace. The differences are not in desire to achieve but the differences we perceive.

A survey of 6,308 job seekers and HR professionals shows a startling disconnect in perceptions...

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The Power of Peer Pull

Force Field Anlaysis

The answer to doing more with less is not in doing the same things we have always done faster or cheaper but finding new ways. These solutions do not come from the top down or outside in but from the inside out. As I hope you can see in the briefest of examples I have included in the three previous sections there are tremendous pressures at play to maintain the systems we have in place...

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Are you a problem solver or a problem finder?

problem finder ribbon

In a recent survey educators listed problem solving as the most significant skill required of new graduates; but business people given the same survey ranked this ability 8th in their list of priorities. What businesses reported they needed most were not people who could solve problems that had already been identified, but those who could identify problems that had not been considered...

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Attraction of Illustration

Reading is hard work for our brains

Successful change is not the result of profound intention but sustained attention.

We have all experienced the life-changing energy of learning something that we absolutely know will change our culture forever, only to have the message fade away drowned out by too much to do and too little time.

The solution is to create a system that is:

1. Quick

2. Easy

3. Instantly recognizable

4. Universally understandable

5. Consistently renewing

6. Tirelessly uplifting

7. Persistently memorable


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